Superstar Writing Seminar 2012 and current projects

I just got back from the Superstart Writing Seminar in Las Vegas, a yearly seminar held by Kevin J Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, David Farland, Brandon Sanderson, and Eric Flit.  This year, James Owens and Dean Wesley Smith were also there.  As always, this seminar was immeasurably valuable.  It is a must for anyone who wants to be a professional writer.  Not only do they cover things like copyright law, networking, and contract negotiation, but you also get to spend time with New York Times best selling authors.  Just as important, they get to know you. Events like this are the reason I get to have dinner with Kevin J Anderson whenever he’s in town.  Highlights were when Brandon Sanderson helped me come up a pitch for two of my books, and the session on epublishing which convinced me to pursue both that in the form of a trilogy, and traditional New York publishing.

I also learned that in the Deep South Con writer’s workshop in Huntsville, Alabama, I will be in Toni Weisskopf group.  This is important because Toni, who is the head of Baen Books, will also be one one the panelists on the Sail to Success cruise this December.  So, I’ll have at least 2 opportunities this year for her to see my writing.  I’ve already submitted the first couple of chapters of Soul of Humanity to Deep South Con.

Additionally, for all you perspective writers, especially those local to Dallas, be sure to sign up for David Farland Million Dollar Outline class next month.  I’m already signed up and can’t wait.

I submitted Dreams of the Elder Gods to the Angry Robot open submission window.  Hopefully that goes well, but I’m also considering making that a YA since the protagonist is only 17.  However, I hesitate, because he’s 17 in a semi medieval European world where he is seen as an adult.

Now, for this new self published trilogy.  It will tentatively be called the Oracles of Kurnugi.  The protagonist, must journey into Kurnugi, the land of human imagination, a place he is able to go into because his parents were thought to be infertile.  As a result, they dreamed of a child.  They imagined him.  As such he has closer ties to Kurnugi than most.  Kurnugi is the location of the whole of human storytelling and myth.  The hero must battle gods and fairy tale monsters to find the three oracles: past, present, and future.  He must used them to stop a mysterious foe from conquering  all of Kurnugi and thus controlling human imagination.  I have quite a bit to get done before I can work on that trilogy, though.  Still I should be able to start on that in the next couple of months.  With a little luck (ok a lot of luck and a whole lot of hard work) I’ll be able to release the first one by the end of this year, so be on the look out.