Of Ice and Curians

I never intended it to go this long between posts. Alacia’s had an interesting run. It got past the slush pile at Pyr and got to Lou Anders. Just yesterday I got the rejection, though it was the most encouraging rejection I’ve ever gotten. Some highlights: “I wanted to tell you again that I enjoyed reading it and hope you will consider us for future projects.” “The scene where Kiyiuq actually saves Alacia seemed very short and almost matter-of-fact for something so badass that the whole book was building toward” “I do hope to see more from you in the future.” If your not familiar with the publishing world, these kinds of things aren’t the sort of things editors say without meaning them, so I think I’m going to rewrite it as a middle grade. This involves changing the voice of the book and taking the advice to expand the ending as well as most likely trimming in some places since 65,000 words is already on the long side for a middle grade. Thinking about that advice, I think middle grade books is where I belong. Alacia won’t take much rewriting to get it to that point, largely because the plot was always better suited for a middle grade plot. I also have a few agents wanting to see it once its rewritten. Additionally, the Kurnugi Trilogy also fits better as a middle grade. That may just be where I fit. Maybe I’ll even revive Dreams of the Elder Gods, which would take more work, but could also be done much better targeting a younger audience

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m completely giving up. Soul of Humanity could never be written as a middle grade, and I’m still planning that as an adult fantasy. In fact, I’m working on that now, hoping to finish that by the end of the month and send it on to Pyr. I’ve started outlining a new book, titled No One, dealing with how Jules Verne’s Prince Dakkhar became Captain Nemo.

I promise it won’t be another eight months before my next post. While you wait ¬†watch this video of me crossing the finish line at the Dallas Marathon. They call my name at 35:15 and I cross the finish line at 35:31


Dallas Marathon

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