Nylean Bestiary – Selkie

The Nylean Bestiary is nearing completion. In case you hadn’t heard, , one of the sixty creatures of the bestiary, the dragon, will be drawn by James Artimus Owen, which I am really excited about. If all goes according to plans, it should be released this September. For now, here’s another sample entry, the Selkie.

The selkie are shapeshifters that inhabit the colder seas of the world. In their natural form, they resemble seals, though they swim much faster than their animal counterparts. They can, however, shed their skin to take on human form. Selkie live in small family units. These rarely reach a number of more than a dozen.

The primary magic of the selkie is that of transformation. They are able to shift from the form of a seal to that of an attractive man or woman, though their power also holds a significant weakness. In order to assume human form, they must leave their seal skin behind. If that skin is found and hidden, the selkie will be prevented from returning to their natural form. Their skin can also be used to exert mystical influence on them. There are some who have even used this to enslave the creatures.

Selkie enjoy spending time with humans, though they are, by nature, flighty creatures. It is rare that a friendship with a selkie will last more than a handful of days. It is said that a selkie that falls in love with a human will willingly leave their seal skin behind to take the form a human permanently. Selkie themselves deny this, and there is no known verifiable report of this happening. Still, the story persists, and because of their beauty, the story remains popular in coastal areas.

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