Nylean Bestiary – Leviathan

If you’ve been following me elsewhere, (I haven’t posted here enough, sorry!), then you’ve probably heard me talk about the Nylean Bestiary, a companion to my second self published series, the Nylean Chronicles. In the third book of that series, one of the characters will receive a book title Lords of the Wilde, though that title may change. This book will contain a listing of magical creatures, along with art and description. The bestiary I’ve been putting together will be a real life version of that book. Since I have to collect all the art, it’s a massive project. Lord of the Wilde will hopefully be released by September of next year, but until then, once a month, I will publish an entry from that book. Here’s the first: the Leviathan.



In the deep ocean that has never seen the light of the sun, leviathans dwell. What little is known about them comes from disparate accounts of merpeople who have survived the encounter. They are ancient and powerful and according to some, beyond mortal comprehension. Small leviathans prey on sea serpents and great whales. Large leviathans hunt their own kind for nothing else can sate their hunger. Some say they are the spirit of the sea itself and that they can command the wind and the waves. Whenever a great storm arises from nowhere, it is said that a leviathan swims below.

Shaped like serpents with fins, their lengths vary greatly. Leviathans grow throughout their lives and never succumb to old age. Normally, they only die when they grow too big to be able to catch enough food to sustain themselves. The smallest of them are only a few dozen yards, while there are stories of the larges reaching nearly a league. Though they themselves can see in the pitch black of the ocean’s depths, they posses glowing antennae that can be used to attract prey.

Some leviathans, especially the younger ones, have been known to communicate with other races. They have seen much and often know secrets long forgotten by all others. Negotiating with them is tricky, as there is little they desire from other races. Most success has come from trading secrets, though finding one the leviathan does not know is a challenge in and of itself, and failure can have fatal consequences.

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