Nylean Bestiary – Hag

Here’s the second in my previews for the Nylean Bestiary. The hag.



Hag With Colour

No one knows exactly what hags are. Some say they are the spirits of those betrayed into death. Others claim that they are the spirits of swamps. Few things are known for certain. They are both old and powerful. They cannot be easily killed as their life force is linked to the swamp in which they reside. If their physical body is destroyed, they will eventually reform unless their life force is destroyed. This often means destroying the swamp itself, though there are rumors that the life force may be extracted from the swamp.

Hags specialize in making bargains. Men and women who are brave, foolish, or both seek them out to gain the benefit of their great knowledge and power, though one must be careful when dealing with a hag. They will often find a way to give a piece of their own souls to hapless deal maker. Over time, this piece grows, consuming the very essence of a person. They eventually die as a soulless husk, and the hag’s soul returns to her, having grown stronger from its feeding.

Older hags can be immeasurably powerful. While not as overtly strong as dragons, the oldest are just as dangerous since their magic is fueled by the strength of their own souls. Many have mastery over various portions of the magic of the Wilde and as such, they can do almost anything, though they can only leave their swamps for short periods of time, and even that makes them vulnerable. If not for that one weakness, many believe they would have already enslaved the world.

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