Nylean Bestiary – Firefox

It’s been a while since I did a preview for the Nylean Bestiary. Here’s the next one, the firefox.



In the far north, the skies sometimes blaze with brilliant fire, but what few know is that it is not the sky itself that burns. Rather, it is only the remnant of the trail left by the creature running through the snow below.

It is unknown exactly how firefoxes come to be. No one has ever seen so much as an infant, and there are no reliable sources of seeing more than one firefox together. There are those who claim that there is only one, but on very rare occasions, a hunter has managed to kill a firefox, a tragedy which obviously disproves that belief.

Firefoxes run across the snow with such speed that the sparkle of their burning fur would be caught in the snow. The winter winds catch it and carry it high above, where the shimmer is released, burning as the great sky fires of the north.

If a piece of cloth or a stick catches fire from a firefox’s flame, it will burn without need for fuel for a night and a day, providing heat though not spreading. It will even leave flesh unsigned until it goes out dusk the day after it was set. If a traveller is lost in the bitter cold of the frozen north, a firefox may appear when they are near death, granting them the heat necessary to survive for another little while, perhaps long enough to be rescued. For a long time, it was only those near to death that seen the creatures, calling their existence into question.

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