2016 Releases

I haven’t posted in a while, and I’ve received this questions a couple of times, so I decided to do a quick write up about my 2016 releases as well as the first couple of 2017. This is going to be a hectic year for me. The Pharim War, which will span seven books, will be released one book every three months. This series is going to be my priority, but I can’t work on it nonstop or I’ll get burned out. In between those, I’m going to have a new series, The Nylean Chronicles which will be a separate trilogy focusing on the adventures of a young girl named Mira as she tries to establish an order of unicorn knights. That will also have a couple of short story collects that will give a little bit of background info on that world. If it comes down to choosing between making the date for a Pharim War book or a Nylean book, I’ll choose Pharim War because that’s my big series right now. The Ice Lords is a series of which I already have the first one mostly written, but that I don’t know where series to go quite yet so that is slated for next year. Anyway, the first three dates on this list are pretty definite. Everything else may change.

March 29: Beastwalker (Pharim War 3)
May 3: Child of the Wilde (Nylean Chronicles 1)
May 31: Under the Moon (Nylean Short Story Collection 1)
June 21: Lightbringer (Pharim War 4)
July 18: Under the Sun (Nylean Short Story Collection 2)
August 2: Child of the Stars (Nylean Chronicles 2)
September 20: Hiddenshroud (Pharim War 5)
October 8: Under the Blackened Sky (Nylean Short Story Collection 3)
November 11: Child of the Moon (Nylean Chronicles 3)
December 13: Lifegiver (Pharim War 6)
February 7: Frozen Prophet (Ice Lords 1)
March 7: Darkhunter (Pharim War 7)

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